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The NDB battery can keep on running for almost 28000 years without needing a single charge and that is enough to power a spaceship and or a hospital for years to come. The CEO of the NDB technologies, Nima Golshirifi, the very institute manufacturing and currently distributing these batteries has shared his thoughts and the process through which these batteries and produced along with the safety metrics that are kept in mind.   

This small but lifelong charging green battery is responsible for providing the extra punch of power for a multitude of devices. Some of these might include a smartphone, electronic appliances, vehicles, and even rockets and stuff. You do get the gist. it is not only being approached by a multitude of industries for its zero-carbon footprint on the environment but also for the fact that its use is lifelong.

It is not like the battery operates just like a small battery having anode, cathode, and electrolyte, it is a rather complex system as told by the NDB scientists and has an array of technologies supporting its function. To give you a clear idea of what these are, have a look below.

According to the CEO of NDB Nima Golshirifi, “the core aspect of an NDB battery is the Diamond nuclear voltaic system which is only recent and is supported by tons of research and publications”.

The most basic battery needs to have a positive and a negative contact surface, but this technology takes it a step further. It holds various semiconductors, metals, and ceramics into a stack-like orientation, and every unit is preceded by another unit of the same core functionality.

“The stack like orientation is a must because this is the very place where current gets stored and powers devices that need a low but consistent dose of electricity”, says NBD engineer.

There are two contact surfaces for the charge collection. Each layer has a high energy output source, which increases the power carrying and delivering aspects of an NDB battery. The system’s efficiency is increased, but the whole product is being protected in real time with tons of sheathing and a multi-layer approach.

The most efficient form of an NDB battery can last about 28000 years without being charged even a single time. The powering source is nuclear waste which poses some serious health-related issues and thus needs to be addressed. “We use nuclear waste and then turn it into something good and extremely useful which not only helps the environment but keep our operations going as smoothly as possible”, says NDB spokesperson.

For the sake of absorbing all the radiation, a crystalline diamond is placed within a thin film approach that will absorb the maximum amount of radiation. Due to this geometrical configuration, the battery can take any size, shape, or form, making it a product-friendly system and increased its widespread approach in electronics, vehicles, rocket science, or even in the Nanotech world. Expansion of the nuclear-powered energy projects and bringing the cost of the production down is the next thing that NDB technologies seem to be working on.

The energy in the battery is being extracted from the nuclear waste with the help of diamonds and thus can stick around for thousands of years. The involvement of nuclear waste already makes it a hard process in terms of sustainability and saving the environment from its horrible impacts.

But the NDB batteries are made with all of that in mind as the nuclear fuel is reprocessed and recycled to ensure that environment doesn’t suffer in the limelight of scientific expeditions. “We have such intricate measures and processes in place that ensure that nuclear waste and commodities are handled with the utmost professional esteem”, quoted by the engineering team at NDB technologies.

“This is the safest battery system that you can find anywhere on the planet”, says the CEO of the NBD technologies. “We have taken into account all kinds of safety surrounding a battery system while also integrating the nuclear aspects and radiations into effect because it is powered by nuclear waste.” All the thermal, radiation and mechanical aspects of battery safety are covered here, and various concepts are in the works to make it happen.

The safety engineer commenting on the various processes and structural elements involved in the NDB battery systems regarding its protection: “The diamond nuclear voltaic stacks are highly volatile and thus need to be protected the best. Therefore, all sides of the stacks are covered with a layer of polycrystalline diamond.”

This is the hardest material there is, and being so thermally conductive, it can contain almost all of the radiation within the device, thus making it extremely safer for use.

When burning inside the battery to power it up, nuclear material produces exuberant amounts of thermal energy going up and down through the battery. To counterfeit this flow of heat, thermal vents are used, which keep almost all of the heat trapped with respect to the outer surface of the diamond. “You can’t imagine how hot it would be if it were not for the thermal vents”. The interior levels are always kept at an optimum to make the battery extremely safe.

The firm has worked tirelessly to ensure that all the nuclear and radiation-like leaks are dealt with the best and there are no misconceptions in either design or functioning of the battery. Therefore, to clear it up the Alpha and beta radiations are not the only types of radiations used in the development of the NDB batteries, as the neutron radiations are also used by utilizing the boron-10 doping. All the extra neutrons that escape the system and keep on jamming with each other haphazardly are converted into the alpha ray.

The NDB batteries are a little too advanced for its time, but it is finding a bunch of applications in the commerce industry. The vehicle industry is practically a market that can really benefit from the NDB battery systems, and the smartphone industry is also inclining a little towards it.

“We do want to increase our exposure and to do so we would have to make our product accessible to a multitude of businesses and technological sectors out there”, according to the CEO of the NDB technologies. But it seems that outer space expeditions taking place and the rovers along with satellites being sent out into space are the real targets of the NDB battery systems.

“It can keep those equipment powered on infinitely (up to thousands of years) that are sent for surveillance and gathering samples, such as in the case of Mars and outer space exploration”, a spokesperson at the NDB technologies added.