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Imaginative Realm

The concept of heaven on the earth is indoctrinated in humans ever since this universe came into existence. To acquire this far-fetched and quixotic dream a handful of experiments were conducted. These tryouts were based on the objective of creating a relishing and glittery realm of perfection called utopia.

The creation of Utopia has become larger than life quest for some people who are trying to prove this as a prosperous theory. However, to date, most of the trials have only tasted the bitterness of disappointment. The layout of the utopia’s concept is put forward with many features but the strangest one is equality.

Perception Of Equality

The only attractive thing about equality is its definition. It is humanly impractical to apply equality at all times and in all conditions. Equality is generally misunderstood as humans’ need to socially co-exist equally. It is certainly not correct.

Without any streak of doubt if everyone tries to be alpha the pack will fail to work. Eventually, the pack will stimulate animosity and perish. There is originalism in the natural setup provided by nature which best fits with the built and design of mankind. Human beings are distinguished by the most important attributes but the best one is “adaptability”. It remains a naturally flop idea of expecting a living creature to endure the unnatural environment. Even if all the conditions are favorable still it is bound to impair.

The Efforts Of Researchers

The researchers have been working day in and day out to create this abode to earn names and badges to their credit. When we cast some light on the experiment carried out by John Calhoun involving mice and utopia we will automatically understand the outcome of this experiment on humans as well.

John Calhoun’s Contribution

John Calhoun an American statesman and a political theorist created a utopia for mice. He retained 5000 rats within a box having the ideal and equal conditions for one and all. They were free from the danger and the hassle of getting food. Ironically, the rats stopped increasing in number, and with time they started declining. The females stopped reproducing due to stress and the males began venting out their frustration by killing the other males. In due course, the rats became lesser and lesser. The outcome was never achieved. Hence the experiment failed, leaving them in despair.

John Calhoun has many such feathers to his hat for he conducted several similar experiments but they all remained unproductive. He attempted another experiment in the 1960s. He again took some rats under his supervision.

101-inch square cage for mice with food and water101-inch square cage for mice with food and water

He provided the best living conditions for the mice in a fully furnished box called Universe 25. They had all the necessities available at their disposal. They didn’t have to struggle for food. The provided conditions made sure of their safety and significant growth in population. They had zero threats to their lives.

The team of John Calhoun worked very diligently to obtain the best results which could then write the fate of humans’ utopia. However, this all only lasted for 4 years. The artificial and equal conditions could not bring any betterment for the species of mice.

Connection Of The Research With The Humans

Interestingly the National Institute of Mental Health got attracted to these researches and their overly surprising results. They tried to connect the results with human behavior. Like always if the experiments are successful on animals then the chances of getting it through on humans become extremely thick. Therefore the ultimate goal was to get a paradise for humans.

Can we put humans in these extremely irregular conditions and achieve the concept of utopia?

The answer to this question is a big ‘No’. The restriction of behavior and environment will lead to dire consequences. The humans will also provide similar results as the mice.

The equality which is deemed as a very strong component of utopia is going to add to the problems only. Equal conditions for one and all can create a lot of negativity around the place which can eventually increase hatred among humans then there will be a rise in frustration which will take control of the humans and their brutality will be displayed everywhere.


Equal conditions can kill societies in a matter of half a decade. The biggest threat to mankind is a mental shock. Imagine everyone is doing the same thing, eating the same food, and behaving in the same way. Isn’t it going to affect the minds?

The mind will retaliate and not accept this irregularity. Then it will transfer to the entire body. This is going to pass from person to person. Then society to society. A vicious cycle that doesn’t have an end.

Like the way mice killed each other for no obvious reason/s, humans can go 100 times more ruthless than them even if they are furnished with the best of the environment with all the facilities but their adaptability comes under a question mark when it comes to mental acceptance of something this irregular. Even equality doesn’t help much in this regard.

Your Utopia

With solid imagination, one can land into a utopia but in reality, there is no such concept. When we talk about opportunities we always want them to be fair which doesn’t mean that everyone should get the same opportunity but the ones who are worthy.

To stay mentally fit one must always embrace him/her with pride. No equality can bring you happiness. You will get what you deserve that is your utopia.