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  • Want to start your business? But, do not want to take a hefty risk? Are you waiting for the right opportunity? Well, age is just a number when it comes to starting a business. It’s never too late, to begin with, anything, but what you would need is innovation, perseverance, consistency, courage, and constant hard work to ace the stages of entrepreneurship and become successful at it as well. We have come up with the top 5 entrepreneurs who begin their journey of a start-up in the latter half of their lives, and also proved their worth in the market by becoming successful at it — even though, at quite an old age.  Read the inspirational success stories of these people who proved it’s never too late, to begin with, anything.

Henry Ford – 40

Another inspirational story of a hardworking person who started his journey as a mechanic later turned out to become the chief engineer of an automobile company, established two automobile companies which did not succeed. His journey did not end on a failure note, in fact, Henry Ford picked himself from the tattered situation and established today’s worldwide recognized Ford Company in 1903. Ford was 40 years old by then. Though the company faced several turmoils at times, there were even times when the company went near bankruptcy. But Henry Ford never gave up his resilience, innovation, versatility, and adaptability to challenging the world of the automobile business. They also have the honor to build 999 cars, and Henry succeeded in revolutionizing the world with better and new innovations of automobiles which provided greater affordability and quality to its users.

Robert Noyce – 41

Known as a Mayor of Silicon Valley — Robert Noyce developed Intel at age of 41 along with Gordon Moore. He was quite famous for revolutionizing computers, inventing the microchips (IC) along with his many other innovations. He was also a source of inspiration for Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, and helped him as a mentor. Noyce got his Ph.D. from MIT and became a research engineer. Though, Robert did not find satisfaction in his work and left his job to join  Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, a subsidiary of Beckman Instruments. After one year, he left the job and established his own company of Semiconductors — Fairchild Corporation. Still, not getting enough satisfaction and thrill from his work and life. He called it quits and along with Gordon Moore sat his journey to establish Intel which is a worldwide recognized revolutionary brand for computers. The company has a net worth of $240 billion now.

Ray Kroc – 51

Ever felt like luck is not on your side? Well, keep reading the remarkable story and journey of McDonald’s owner — Ray Kroc. According to Ray Kroc, there is no easy shortcut to earning luck. To earn luck, you need to work hard. For 17 years of his life, Ray sold newspapers. He tried his luck further by selling a milkshake maker, but he was not able to meet his expenses. Finally, he decided to take a risk and entered the food business. And, look where McDonald’s stands today in the food business — as a mighty and remarkable brand. At age of 51, after trying his sheer luck at different jobs — Ray decided to take one chance that could have proven to be either successful or cruel. To his peers, Ray is known for his unparalleled hard work, resilience, innovative and creative mind but often found himself in a cruel situation which made him a controversial figure. But Ray Kroc magnificently proved that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams or aspirations.

Charles Flint – 61

An American founder and CEO of IBM who worked as a financier to develop and propagate manufacturing businesses of Computer Tabulating Company. He was a refugee — barren and depleted of any resource. He merged three small companies into one big company, and believed in its essence of success, and accomplished that later on. His firm belief to manufacture more products at the same time brought success to his company — IBM. Flint launched IBM when he was of 61 years and retired when he was 81 as a CEO of IBM — Charles is literally known for starting from nothing. His journey from being a raw refugee to a supreme businessman is one of the remarkable and most inspirational stories that teach us all the lesson — age is not a limit to your success, and accomplishing your aspirations and goals. You can do that whenever you want, at whatever age, or at whatever place. All you need is hope to courage, dream, and resilience to make it true.

Colonel Sanders – 65

Finger-Lickin’ good? Did it click something to your mind? Yes, we are talking about none other than the founder of KFC — Colonel Sanders, who started his journey of food business at age of 65, and even though, he miserably failed on multiple occasions before leaving his permanent legacy of KFC into the hearts of food lovers. In his youth, he failed and was kicked out of multiple jobs, he even bought a motel and got it burned down. After his recipe got rejected more than 1000 times (not really exaggerating), he did not give up hope and carried on with a determined purpose. While trying unique and innovative methods to preserve the taste and quality of fried chicken — Colonel Sanders was finally able to set a mark in the food business even during the presence of other challenging food competitors. KFC grew up rapidly to a large business worldwide. Colonel Sanders finally developed a sense of achievement in life and sold KFC at $2 million. Today, KFC is spread out in about 118 countries.

So, if you are still thinking about a plan, or looking for your source of inspiration. Look at these men, all of them succeeded after passing their 40s, and what exactly is the thing behind their success? It’s simple. Each man was passionate, disciplined, innovative, and hardworking. Each one of them paved a way for themselves and never gave up hope. So, get on with whatever your plan for a startup is. Don’t lose hope and keep trying. But stay consistent with your values and stay true to them.